The Mediterranean diet is rich in fiber; and it is based on consuming healthy plant foods for the body. Vegetables, pasta, rice, legumes and fruits are the main ingredients, while foods of animal origin are consumed in small quantities.

The Greek Diet, one of the most common diets around the world, is based on the consumption of olive oil as the main source of fat. Surveys that were performed in parts of the Mediterranean have shown that the Mediterranean diet model is responsible for the longevity of its inhabitants and the absence of diseases such as cardiovascular and diseases of the digestive system.

The antioxidant substances that are abundantly present in the ingredients of Greek Mediterranean diet (vitamins A, E and C, beta-carotene and falconoid (such as wine phenols), phenol acids (fruit, vegetables and olive oil) tackle the oxidation / aging of cells. This is the main secret of the Mediterranean diet which affects longevity.

Thanks to the variety of foods the Greek Mediterranean diet, there are endless cooking possibilities. Legumes, vegetables and grains in combination with olive oil, olives and aromatic herbs such as oregano, thyme, etc. provide us with a healthy diet with unique flavors and tastes.