Innovation and Research in the agri-food sector

A powerful vision and mission of Agrifarm is the production and formulation of innovative products with the adoption of a particular model and an approach we call “Refarming Greece“.

The “Refarming Greece” model results to an initiative of Agrifarm and it aims to create a specific business culture to all those involved in the supply chain of agricultural products. A basic prerequisite for the success of the model of Refarming Greece is our perception that the provision of quality products with specific characteristics and specifications starts from the cultivation field. We consider both the material resources (e.g. equipment, cultivation techniques, etc.) and the human resources to be equally important.

With this in mind, Refarming plots have already been installed in Greece, in each of which a high quality product is cultivated, taking into account the microclimate and species of agricultural products which thrive in the area.

In the context of Innovation and Environmental Protection, a target is to seek for a transition for an economy friendly environment with the main objective on the sustainable rural development, by:

1) Cultivation practices that protect natural resources and ecosystems with a yield of the added value, through certification, networking and linking production to market.
2) The preservation, the restoration, the enhancement and the highlighting of the natural resources and biodiversity of agriculture, forest ecosystems and landscapes according to their particular characteristics and spatial identity.
3) The Rational management of ecosystems and soil water resources by using new technologies, innovative solutions (such as precision farming), training and environmental awareness activities.
4) Adjustment to climate change, with interventions both to crop species and to cultivation methods of existing species, but also by exploiting residues and by-products of the food industry, agricultural crops and agro. Especially in the field of agriculture, the basic target is the efficient use of resources in an economy with low carbon dioxide emissions and climate resilient economy.