Vision and Mission

of Agrifarm

Agrifarm, founded in December 2013 and already boasting several international awards, is an innovative form of collaborative production and standardization of agricultural products – mainly pulses and rice – grown in an absolutely natural way, both in privately owned farms in Central Greece and also in selected agricultural areas in the rest of Greece.

The production is based on the intelligent agricultural management, which follows the modern methods of cultivation, focused on the maintenance of the natural resources and without the extensive use of fertilizers and strong pesticides.

In Agrifarm, we believe that natural foods should be subject to minimal processing without affecting their taste or reducing their nutritional value. That is why the provision of quality products with specific characteristics and specifications must begin from the cultivation field.

We focus on the Production and Standardization of high-end products of the Greek land, through the adoption of a specific farming model and the approach we call “Refarming Greece”.

The “Refarming Greece” initiative is about challenging the existing entrepreneurial culture in agriculture. Our aim is to change attitudes and promote synergies, economies of scale and a focus on specific microclimate zones.

Working closely with academic institutions, bringing the consumer as close as possible to the source with full transparency, respect for the environment and a strong social impact dimension. All packaging, for example, is cotton-based, thus avoiding plastic materials. Social impact is very important to us. The average age of our farmers is 35 and we are proud of our Refarming hubs with already 28 young members!

The company provides expertise and know-how to farmers, buys up their produce and exports it to the UK, US, Canada, and Italy, or to the Greek chain markets and specialty food stores, building a strong relationship of trust and reliability with producers in an otherwise often unstable market.

Everything grown has a perfect environment in which it thrives. Finding and nurturing this environment is a microclimate.

This is at the heart of Agrifarm!

The elements of microclimate required for each product make a place the best for it to grow.

microclimate 2

The locations where our products are grown are carefully chosen.


In Agrifarm we strongly believe that high-quality products
with specific characteristics and standards starts from the field.

Refarming Greece Model & The Secret of Microclimate

We focus on the Production and Standardization of high end products of the Greek land,
through the adoption of a specific farming model and the approach we call

“Refarming Greece”